Bronze Statues for Sale

When art forms emerged from the Art Nouveau period into the Art Deco a new form of sculpture came about. This was the interpretation of figures in the form of Bronze composition mounted on marble bases. These figures were depicted singularly or in groups. They were made from models cast in one piece of bronze with the clothing embossed into the model. The figures or groups were generally posed or caught so to speak in the midst of some movement, such as an athlete throwing a javelin. The marble bases on which they were mounted were geometric in theme and often composed of different coloured marble inserts. These bases were often very elaborate and exciting in their execution.

The main figures were fashioned in bronze, but there were a lot that were made from a casting metal. The bronze statues for sale were much popular during that period and its popularity is increasing day by day. On the other hand the bronze was patinated, the bronze being simply done in dark slag matt finish while there was also some colouration with the effect being muted.

The overall factor in determining value is quality of the statues. Although the concept matters it is the quality which can only be described as ‘very finely made’ in collecting circles that matters most. The taste and execution of the styling is extremely refined and yet exciting. Once a collector of this sort of object gets few of these figure personally it is easy to see how they can become obsessed by them and so strive to obtain more. And this shows in the auction prices. So to value these is a question of moving in the circles and seeing and handing these. You should obtain a knowledge of what is desirable and rare and who the artist is.

Size matters, the bigger, the more valuable. Woman figures are most desirable, but they must be in good stylish mode and exciting, satisfying to look at. They should be tasteful and elegant. Movement is better than a fixed pose while a ‘good’ group will be more valued than a single figure.

The artist is most important. There are about hundreds of main artists known but the main ones get the support and the money. There are some popular names that get the accolades and attention.

The condition and damage to the statues is crucial to desirability and value. Check the patination and determine any bad scratches or bad rubbing. Check the base for cracks and or replacement.

There is the question of fakes on the market and these are very well done. Buy a book or series of catalogues to determine some measurements, such as height from records of genuine pieces and check these out as well as the presence of the correct signature.

Our dreams seem to have surpassed the dreamer. It is amazing to see all of our bronze statues for sale are popping up all over the world. At times on the road, you would trade a statue or a sculpture with a notice farmer for the simple living necessities.

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