Outdoor Sculpture

Sculpture is the art of building or molding a replica of the artist imagination whole within which a piece is taken from. Sculpture comprehends anything made from different materials like a wood or metal. The artist uses these materials sculpturing something or someone to preserve the piece of art for a variety of purposes.

Since the process of having a sculpture is so versatile that it takes a while, it would be well deserved for an artist to keep his/her work of art for self consumption or for private viewing or for public as Outdoor sculpture.

Subsequently, as a result of the outdoor sculptures, which were brought into place due to the activities and uncompromising efforts of the experimental workshop coupled with the new trend of recogniti

on given to the modern art, the commissioning of outdoor sculptures seemed to have flourished everywhere. At this instance of the recognition that the outdoor sculptures began to emerge at different and strategic locations on streets as well as public buildings. This may likely be the reason why many outdoor sculptures could be found in junctions, open streets, public buildings (like churches, schools), and roundabouts.

Many reasons may thus be responsible or attributed to the familiarity and commonness of outdoor sculptures in those areas. To start with, governments, communities, township associations and some influential individuals seem to have commissioned a great number of outdoor sculptures in the areas. Secondly, the people of those areas have many cultural activities and festivals that need the commissioning of sculptures, and this made the areas to have a long tradition of sculptural excellence which could be traced back to the ancient traditional cultures of the people in the area. Another reason may have likely given forth from the establishment of the exile experimental workshops, initiated by the Catholic missions, and the indigenous art schools. Another reason must have exhaled from the establishments of art schools which might have likely, over the time, created some awareness in the generality of the people through their activities. All these reasons must have greatly enhanced and promoted the production and commissioning of outdoor sculptures all over the world.

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