Bronze Sculpture by Artist Chris Navarro

Chris Navarro is an award winning artist specializing in Bronze sculpture. Using this versatile medium, he has created some of the memorable sculptures including life size monumental sculptures. A life-size T Rex for the Tate Museum in Casper Wyoming and a 16 foot tall Bronze of the famous bucking horse Steamboat for the University of Wyoming is some of his well known work. The bronze sculpting goes back to ancient civilizations like the Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and Rome. The sheer quality of bronze to bring the earthy tone of the subject to life makes it one of the popular medium for sculpting.

Using the lost-wax casting and section molding technique, bronze is used to create larger sculptures. They are strong, durable and permanent in nature which makes artists fall in love with this medium. Chris Navarro has been professionally sculpting using the bronze medium since 1986 and many have the honour of displaying his work.

Here, you will find a very distinct collection of his bronze sculptures for sale. These collections have been admired for their theme and precision sculpting. If you are art lover and a big fan of Chris Navarro, you will find these collections heart-warming.

Bronze Sculpture Themes

Here, we have very distinctive collection of Chris Navarro bronze sculpture art in various themes and sizes, from the life size monumental sculptures to medium size sculptures. Some of the themes include”ESSENCE OF REX”, BOOTS AND A 45 CALIBER I.Q. – LARGE BRONZE SCULPTURES and 10TH MOUNTAIN DIVISION. If you love his work, you can explore some of the art work done by him here.

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Bronze sculpture by Chris Navarro brings alive the subject matters with the magic medium, bronze. Here you have the chance to own some of his best works that has been admired and displayed across the country.