20 % Chance of Flurries “The Sculptych” with 2 embellished giclees


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The new art form I have created with fellow artist Brandon Bailey the Sculptych – a work of art incorporating sculpture and paintings that is multi-dimensional multimedia divided into sections constructing a narrative, like the frames of a film to tell a story. The response to the new works has been tremendous. We have decided to release a new Sculptych ‘’20% CHANCE OF FLURRIES’’ the Sculptych’’with 2 embellished Giclée prints on canvas limited edition of 100 with bronze sculpture H- 18’’ L- 68’’ W – 7’’. The three pieces are being sold as a set for 3200. If anyone is interested please send a message thanks Chris.

A cowboy rescues a young calf he finds during a springtime blizzard. Putting the calf across his saddle he rides for home. Finally reaching home in the evening he places the calf in the safety and protection of the barn. The image of a cowboy horseback saving a young calf embodies the test of endurance that highlights the best qualities of the men who live in the West. They face hard conditions, and take life as it comes. ( I utilized a splattered paint technique as part of the Sculptych I put it on the sculpture and prints to create a sense of cold and snow. Each Sculptych is unique because of the snow application is put on by hand. This piece very much reminds me of the winters in Wyoming.) chrisnavarro.com

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