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Buffalo Soldier


CLICK ON PRODUCT DETAILS TO WATCH VIDEO. Monumental bronze sculpture
Height 14 1/2″
Length 5″
Depth 5″
Edition 250
Price $1800.
Monumental bronze 120’’ x 50’ x 40’’ edition 10 price $52,000.
BUFFALO SOLDIER bronze 14.5’’x 5’’x 5’’ Monumental bronze 120’’ x 50’ x 40’’
Buffalo Soldier is a nickname originally given to the members of the US Cavalry Black Regiments by the Native American tribes they fought. Throughout the era of the Indian wars, twenty percent of the US Cavalry troopers were black, and fought in over 177 engagements. The combat prowess, bravery, tenaciousness, and looks on the battlefield inspired the natives to call them “Buffalo Soldiers”. Many Indians believe the name symbolizes the Native American respect for the Buffalo Soldiers bravery and valor. Buffalo Soldiers down through the years have worn the name with pride.

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