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Climb As High As Your Dreams


Climb as high as your dreams bronze sculpture
Height 9″
Length 3″
Depth 3″
Edition 25

Also avalable in a smaller size wall hanging price 1400. H-36″ L-10″ W- 2.5″ price 1560.


Bronze, 36’’ x 10’’ x 1.5’’

Monumental Bronze, 109’’ x 32’’ x 32’’

The difference between the ground and the heights one achieves will only be limited by one’s desire, for nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart.

The overall abstract design of this sculpture is in the shape of a flame, which represents the desire that burns in man. Inside the rock crevice, a man, strong in mind and body with determination, struggles to pull himself up through a difficult passage in order to reach the top. He is alone, free climbing without the security of ropes. At this point in his life, his fate is literally in his own hands. He must trust in his ability to climb higher, because only with self-discipline and belief will he be able to reach the top.


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