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New bronze Bareback Bronc Riding sculpture ‘‘Kicking It’’ and Bull Riding sculpture ‘’Double Rank’’ won the Calgary Stampede bronze trophy competition. My sculptures, along with $100,000. will be presented to the champion bull and bareback rider for the next five years at the Calgary Stampede. ‘’KICKING IT’’ H- 23 ½’’ L-15’’ W – 10’’ EDITION 24 PRICE $5000. Bareback bronc riding is a rough and explosive rodeo event. The most physically demanding of all the rodeo events. To stay aboard the horse, a bareback rider uses a rigging made of leather and resembles a suitcase handle on a strap, is placed atop the horse’s withers and secured with a cinch. Bareback riding has been compared to riding a jackhammer with one hand. As the bronc and rider burst from the chute the cowboy must mark the horse out by have both spurs touching the horse’s shoulders when the horse’s feet first hit the ground. As the bronc bucks, the rider pulls his knees up, rolling his spurs up the horse’s shoulders. As the horse descends, the cowboy straightens his legs, returning his spurs over the point of the horse’s shoulders in anticipation of the next jump. A bareback rider must ride for 8 seconds and is judged on his spurring technique, and the difficulty of the bucking horse. Making a qualified ride and earning a winning score requires strength, balance, timing, and toughness from both horse and rider.


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