Western Art

Western arts, the literary, performing, and visual arts of western part and regions that share a western cultural tradition, including the different countries.

Written histories of European art normally begin with the art of the Ancient Middle East. Parallel with these important cultures, Western art of different forms existed all over Europe, wherever the people were leaving signs such as carvings, many decorated artifacts and large standing stones. However a accordant pattern of artistic development within the western countries becomes clear only with this art.

Western art is arranged into a number of rhetorical periods, which, historically, overlap each other as different styles expanded in different areas.

The influence of the western art is expanding now days. Diverse as the European continent is, the artistic traditions of its nations share many common traits. The most European arts lie in the artistic production of ancient times. These bases were improved and spread throughout the continent with the advent of Christianity. Western artistic styles began to spread to the world, creating different traditions that were interlaced with those of Europe. American arts maintained their own distinctive qualities. At the turn of the 21st century, Western artistic production was frequently marked by its ability to the boundaries of Cross nation in style and message, although the elements of national traditions were also continued.

Western art is treated in a number of articles like architecture, dance, music, painting, sculpture, theatre, and Western literature.

The Western Art is devoted to a broad vision of the beautiful art of the American West. This vision combines the complex blend of cultures, history, and artistic traditions that shape our ever-evolving notion of the West.

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