Western Bronze Sculpture

Rather than being a distinct genre of art, this art form is a collective term for some modern art styles with same or similar underlying philosophy. The essence of this art lies in its simplistic designs rather than intricate work, clarity against obscurity, basic forms against elaborate patterns, and simple colour schemes in the place of fantastical palettes. Finally, this art form resulted as a reaction of the modern day artists. Accordingly, the role of themes or subjects took a backseat and the significant of western art as underlined.

Western bronze sculpture is one among the modern art forms and is an alternative name that can be categorized as western art. Therefore, western art is a pluralistic approach that finds expression in varied forms and techniques.

The details precision and beautiful sculpture with bronze metal are the prime attributes of western bronze sculpture. The sculpture

is mainly set in continuous forms and limited colours. The idea for a particular pattern becomes the driving force behind the execution of these works. Therefore, western art is free from the bounds of historical, social, political, religious, or mythological inspiration for the choice of subjects. It is claimed that ‘intellectual rigor’ for conceptualization of the works has precedence over the technique involved and medium used.

The Artists are working with their knowledge and experience for having sculptures of varying sizes painted in primary colours. The focus of producing bronze sculpture is to create as many different and beautiful designs as possible.

We at Chrisnavarro.com are dealing in western bronze sculpture,  which has a strong web presence, a big community of artists, and a large collection of submitted works. Various members curate the exhibitions of submitted western art works of its members. This is an example of how aesthetics of such art forms and related genres continue to generate interest for the artists and the viewers alike.

Today western bronze sculpture is a genre in itself with both large companies and individual artists offering all kinds of  art work designed to give your home the feel of a ranch house. With a range of themes from traditional cowboy home decor to the nostalgia of something you remember seeing in your grandparent’s home, western sculpture is making a big comeback. A few accessories can change the tone of your house or apartment or even just a single room into something different and nostalgic. With the materials and fabrication techniques available today, you have a choice between items that have the rough old fashioned finish or things made to more modern quality and finish standards but which still convey the western theme.

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