Artist of Sculptures

Artist of Sculptures

The journey of an Artist

I do not claim to know all the answers. But what I have learned and I will gladly share with those who wish to make a similar journey of an artist.

I like to celebrate March 13, 1986, as the anniversary date. I quit my steady paycheck and also corporate oilfield job to pursue my dream of being a professional sculptor. My son JC was nine months old and even my wife Lynne was pregnant with our daughter Natalie. Everyone told me it was not a good decision. There are times in life when you have a dream and you are the only one who can see it. And if you really want something bad enough you have to be willing to take a risk.

Become a Famous Artist

I knew in my heart and trusted my gut that I could finally make it. I wanted to make a living doing something I loved. Well, it has been over 30 years now and I feel so blessed and fortunate to still have this great passion for making art. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. So embrace the struggles in life and go out there and make a living doing something you have a passion and love for. Life is too short not to!

Artist of Sculptures

I remember when my friends and family first found out I had quit my oilfield job of nine years.  There was not one person who thought it was a good idea. I just knew it, I knew it inside I trusted my instincts. You need a certain kind of toughness and single-minded determination, necessary to pursue your dreams. Never quitting never giving up. Not the face of insult or defeat not only but also You have to learn to believe in yourself and trust your instincts.

Self Educated Artist

I have never considered myself a self-taught artist. I have been a self-educated artist and I have learned from the books also I have read and from the experiences and mistakes, I have made.

Having been a professional artist for over 30years I have decided to share my thoughts on the things that have helped me on this journey of creating art and making a living doing what I love. I know there are no overnights successes in the art world. It is a myth that as an artist if you will just be discovered by the right gallery or art agent, they will pave the way to artistic success. Building your art career is a lifelong struggle. If you want to be great at something there are no secrets. It is only accomplished through dedicated hard work and a love for what you are doing. Because love is an emotion you can’t fake and you cannot be great at anything without loving it.

I have never let my lack of talent or knowledge get in my way or keep me from trying something new.

I believed Attitude and desire are more important than talent.

The greatest gift I have as an artist and teacher is to offer fellow travelers on this path.  The example of my own life as a working artist.