Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture Artist

Exposing yourself to others with skills greater than your own will make you grow.  When you share your art of Bronze Sculpture with others you expose yourself to criticism, judgment, and rejection. When making art you invest so much of yourself in the creation of what you are doing. It is difficult not to take that criticism personally. I like to take rejection and make it work for me. When someone tells me I’m not good enough or can’t do something it puts a fire in me and fuels my passion and desire to prove them wrong. Because as an artist the only thing you are really responsible for is trying your hardest and doing the very best you are capable of. At the end that is all, you can do.

As an artist, you want the ability to translate words into images and images into words. Balance, proportion, rhythm, and harmony are the qualities that encompass beauty.

Flow is when you are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter, the experience is so joyful you do it at whatever cost, for the sheer sake and enjoyment of doing it.


Bronze Sculpture Casting

I love being so involved in what I am creating that I don’t think of myself as being separate from what I’m doing. Increasing my awareness and feel the flow is running through my mind and body, my hands and mind are working together I have entered the zone of flow. Not over thinking, or trying too hard. Just trying to relax and focus while being smooth and fluid in the moment of now!

Totally absorbed in the experience of my concentration, it is like breathing I do not think about it I just do it. When I am in flow nothing else matters, I love being focused on where I am and creating my Bronze Sculpture. My awareness is in this moment of now not in what might happen in the future. When I am in a state of flow a strong relaxation and calmness come over me, I have no doubts or worries of failure. I have a heightened sense of awareness and feel totally absorbed in the present moment. When you love what you are doing the real reward is in the experience of doing.

Bronze Sculpture

The Creativity of Bronze Sculpture

I have tried sitting still and meditating to open my mind and to find the creativity of Bronze Sculpture. For myself, I have found it more natural to meditate while moving. The best thoughts and ideas come to me in solitude while I am motion. That’s why I find running or walking by myself a form of meditation. Spending time alone and in motion, outside opens the floodgates for the flow of your creative juices. Physical exertion helps to open pathways to your creative self and allows you to experience being alive.

Art making is mostly a product of hard work. Living life productively, if you live your life productively nothing will save your artwork, not even talent. It is more important to be productive than creative. If you are producing the creativity will take care of itself.