Dare to Dream Big

Book Dare To Dream Big by Chris Navarro

First of all, I want to announce to my friends about the release of my new book. ‘’Dare To Dream Big’’ and it will take you on an inspirational journey of discovery.

Dare To Dream Big in ArtPrize

In the last year 2018 my monumental bronze sculpture ‘’Dare To Dream Big’’ was entered in the largest art competition in the world. Art Prize 10 in Grand Rapids, MI with 1420 artist entered and over 500,000 visitors. Making it the most attended public art event in the world.

About The Dare To Dream Big

After that, The sculpture I created tells the story of a cat sitting on books. Looking into a mirror and seeing his reflection as a lion. Overall It is about imagination and the power of belief and dreaming big. Viewers could interact with the art. Using a large chalkboard next to the sculpture with a sign reading, I DARE TO DREAM BIG AND I WILL. Below there was space to write in your own dreams and goals. During the art show, I watched several individuals writing their dreams down.

It was astonishing seeing, hearing and feeling the response individuals had to my sculpture. The wide range of their dreams and goals. Having our dreams come true is the essence of life. I finally expectation this book rouses others to hope against hope huge. To make the habit for writing objectives and dreams, and acknowledge with conviction, activity, and exertion, as a result, of these activities dreams do come true!. Thus, go out there and chase your dreams with passion. Life is too short not to!

Dare to Dream Big

Dare To Dream Big by Chris Navarro – 84 pages 8.5’’ x 11’’hardbound with over 200 images book price $20. Plus $4. shipping. To order your signed copy please contact us at (928)-204-1144 chrisnavarrostudio@gmail.com  www.chrisnavarro.com  or send a check to Navarro Gallery Tlaquepaque Suite D103  Sedona, AZ 86336