Linda Dellandre

I was born and raised in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’. In the suburbs, I raised a family and worked as an RN, all the while spending as much time as possible seeking out those scenes that needed to be put on canvas and taking as many art classes as possible to navigate the mediums that offered the type paintings I envisioned. In 1994, on a visit to the great Western States, the sweeping skies, mountain ranges, and colorful vistas, beckoned for my relocation which took place in 1998 to Sedona. There, I took painting classes with Howard Carr, Williamson Tapia, Gregory Hull, and at the Scottsdale Artists School.
Landscapes are my primary form of expression, whether oil or pastel, but plein air is always preferred. I am awed by the beauty of the land and I try to communicate to the art viewers, a sense of the places I paint, the certain lights of day, or simple glimpses from the side of the road.
There’s so much joy in painting, I am unable to imagine a day without my pastels and oils within easy reach. My biggest challenge has always been inclement weather. Bad weather days are occupied by working on still life and larger studio works.