Monumental Sculpture By Chris Navarro
Monumental sculptures come with their own unique elegance and splendour. From marking a popular place to leaving behind the legacy, the history of monumental structures goes back to ancient civilization. They are still popular in contemporary culture. And, when this large, life size sculptures are created with a versatile medium bronze, the impact is huge.
Bronze monumental sculptures are especially suitable for public spaces and museums. But, there are many who would like the collection for their personal use only. Either way, a monumental structure in bronze is highly appreciative when the creation comes from renowned artists like Chris Navarro.
Monumental Sculpture Style and Theme
His ability to transform an idea into a large and lifelike structure makes him one of the most revered artists. His famous monumental sculptures include the 15’ monumental bronze of world champion bull rider Champion Lane Frost at Cheyenne Frontier Park and When Champions Meet the 15’ saddle bronc rider at the Greeley Independence Stampede.
If you are a fan of his creations and want to own one of them, you have come to the right place. The gallery for bronze art of Chris Navarro has some of the well known monumental bronze structure created by the artist. Feel free to explore the collection.
Chris Navarro Monumental Sculpture for Sale
These bronze monumental sculptures are made from the artist’s favourite medium bronze. It is strong, durable and permanent and its ability to bring alive earthy tones of the structure makes it one of the best medium for monumental structures. Designed, and executed by the artist himself, these sculptures speak volumes of his passion, creativity and talent. You can buy these sculptures from here, online. Now, you have the chance to own one of the best pieces of art in the world.
If you would like one of your ideas to be turned into monumental structure by Chris Navarro, feel free to contact us.