RJ & Yvonne Hurley

RJ and Yvonne Hurley devote their time to the arts of lapidary, silversmithing and wire framing.  Yvonne’s interest in these fine arts has been a direct result of growing up on the shores of Lake Erie where she spent many hours from a very early age beach combing for rocks, fossils and shells.  Richard’s interest in lapidary developed over 40 years ago during time spent in the Dakotas hunting fossils and agates and spread to include a deep interest in mineralogy as well as gemology.  They now share a passion for turning nature’s creations into pieces of wearable art.

They believe that the success of their wearable art depends totally upon how well they “present and embellish” nature’s hidden treasures.  Items are crafted utilizing a variety of precious and semi-precious stones which are cut and polished in their shop, bezel set in sterling silver or wire framed in sterling or gold-filled wire for its durability.  Much of their enjoyment comes from custom work as well, including their clients in the design process to create that special one-of-a-kind piece just for you.