Sarah Rogers

Sarah’s medium is watercolor, usually combined with graphite, and she frequently applies several layers of heavy color to create the bright tones and often opaque quality of the paint. She prefers smooth surfaces and uses hot press paper, plate smooth illustration board and masonite with various surfaces. Lately, she often paints on clayboard with well-used toothbrushes as well as other tools to create texture. The clay surface lends itself to scrubbing, lifting and otherwise removing pigment and reapplying it to create a variety of surfaces.

Sarah was born in Seattle, Washington, but raised in central Florida winters and Black Hills summers. She sometimes describes her work as ‘tropical western wildlife’ because of her hot-colored Rocky Mountain area animals.

Her work is included in collections worldwide, the owners of which play pro football, run companies of all sizes, raise families, build houses, sell art, wait tables, restore buildings, cook, teach school, practice law and medicine, herd cattle, sell tractors, farm, deliver packages, design computers, write or read good books.

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