Sculpture, statues and figurines

Sculpture, statues and figurines

Sculpture Art

The greatest gift I have as an artist and teacher is to offer fellow travelers on this path.  The example of my own life as a working sculpture artist. This is what I want to do with this book.

I have always believed Attitude and desire are more important than talent.

You cannot become great at anything if you want instant gratification. The biggest influences in your life will be the people you meet and the books you read. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and feelings. I want to share my sculpture art and knowledge with others. I believe talent and knowledge can be expanded with desire and determination as long as you believe in yourself and never give up. My life is an example of that belief.

Become a Sculpture Artist

Every child is an artist. We began life with unlimited potential. If you want to see a group of artists get a bunch of four-year-olds together, give them some crayons and paper. Then sit back and watch them create art. Every one of them is an artist at that age because they don’t have any fears or pre-conceived concepts of what art is. They know what fun is and they enjoy it for the simple pure pleasure of doing it.

Unfortunately, when they get older, they stop creating art for the fun of it and worry too much about what others think. They lose their sense of play and when that happens, they lose their ability to make art for the pure joy and fun of it. Early in life, you feel the need to seek the approval of others to validate what you are doing. As I have grown older, I realized the most important approval is my own.

Sculpture, statues and figurines

‘’ I can assure you what is in my heart is no different than what is in anyone else’s heart. Everyone wants to love and respect.’’

Reveal the secret of Sculpture Artist

I have found the secret to being an artist. It is you have to make art and lots of it. I think to be great at anything you have to love what you do. You need to put the time in the studio with the materials in your hands. There are no short cuts it is about commitment, hour by hour day by day and year after year. Your mastery of craft is directly proportional to the sheer number of hours you spend in the effort.

In the end, it is not about how many years you lived in this world but what you leave behind that truly matters.

Knowledge of anatomy is a tool, like clean clay and a good rake.

You cannot make a sculpture without involving your body. The hands execute the eyes judge. There are times I have to shut my eyes in order to see. When I finish my work, I like to be alone.

Art making is mostly a product of hard work. Living life productively, if you live your life productively nothing will save your artwork, not even talent. It is more important to be productive and creative. If you are productive creativity will take care of itself. If you are not productive how do you possibly expect to be creative?