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Chris Navarro is one of the few bronze artists revered for his exceptional work. Through the bronze art of Chris Navarro, we aim to bring you a step closer to his great work.

Chris Navarro Bio

A former bull and bronc rider, National Award-Winning Chris Navarro has been sculpting professionally since 1986. He is best known for his large monumental bronze sculptures of Wildlife, Native American, Western, and Inspirational subjects and his bronze collection is shown in over a dozen museums.  Navarro has over 34 bronze monumental sculptures placed throughout the country, including the memorial of world champion bull rider, Lane Frost which is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Family, horses, rodeo and art have been the driving passions of his life.   At the age of 23, Navarro had a strong desire and dream that drove him to gather the necessary books and art supplies needed in order to educate himself on how to sculpt.  After years of trials and errors, Navarro has become a world-renowned professional artist receiving many awards of recognition and is commissioned throughout the country.  He hopes to inspire others through his artwork and life story that led him to find his passion and make his dream a reality.  He now makes a living doing what he loves and believes everyone can have the same.

Navarro lives in Casper, Wyoming and Sedona, AZ with his wife, Lynne.   Navarro is the author of 3 books, Chasing the Wind, Embrace the Struggle and his newest book, “Dare to Dream Big” which all include beautiful photos of his artwork.  His art gallery is located in the Tlaquepaque Art Plaza in Sedona, AZ – Navarro Gallery & Sculpture Garden.  Navarro is also an inspirational speaker known for his positive philosophy on life, engaging personality and motivational talks.

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Bronze Sculptures
by Chris Navarro

ife size contemporary sculptures can make a great impact not just with their size but, with their concept itself. Imagine a life-size T Rex standing inside an art gallery or a large hall or your garden. Or a 16 foot tall Bronze of the famous bucking horse Steamboat? For art lovers, this is nothing short of dream come true. One of the popular sculpture styles from the bygone eras is bronze. Bronze has been distinctively used for life size monumental sculpture since the ancient times and the proof has been found in the ruins of ancient civilizations in China, India, Greece, and Rome. In the present time, bronze still remains a preferred practice for many artists.

Chris Navarro is an award winning bronze artist renowned for his extraordinary life size monumental sculptures on various themes. He has been sculpting professionally since 1986 and has created magnificent pieces for museums and art galleries. Here, you will find so many of his work at display and sculpture for sale.


Monumental sculptures come with their own unique elegance and splendour. From marking a popular place to leaving behind the legacy, the history of monumental structures goes back to ancient civilization. They are still popular in contemporary culture. And, when this large, life size sculptures are created with a versatile medium bronze, the impact is huge.

Bronze monumental sculptures are especially suitable for public spaces and museums. But, there are many who would like the collection for their personal use only. Either way, a monumental structure in bronze is highly appreciative when the creation comes from renowned artists like Chris Navarro

Bronze Theme Sculpture

Bronze artist Chris Navarro specialises in sculpting with bronze medium. Bronze sculpting shares its history with the ancient times and since then it has been considered a strong, durable, and permanent medium. It is the most preferred medium for many sculpting artist.

Chris Navarro has created more than 34 monumental bronze sculptures that are on display throughout the country and some of them are monumental sculptures. His ability to combine the beauty of themes with the gorgeous, earthy shades of bronze makes his work unique in many ways.

Bronze Sculpture for Sale

There are many admirers of Chris Navarro work not just in the country but all around the world. Here you have a chance to buy some of his inspirational and magnificent bronze sculptures. This is an art gallery of the artist Chris Navarro where we have displayed some of his distinct bronze artwork


Riding a Horseback its really a amazing part of my life

Chris Navarro Studio